How to install AOL on Your PC or Mac?

AOL is one of the popular web services providers in the North America region. And it also hosts a variety of Online AOL Consumer Services as well. One such product is AOL Desktop Gold, which is a browser of sorts that provides access to the web for the AOL users.

Many users aren’t able to install the AOL Desktop Gold in their systems, which why the forums are filled with questions from the users. Today we have decided to tackle this issue head-on, you’ll find the AOL Desktop Gold installation steps listed in this article. You can also contact customer support team if you are not able to install the product by yourself.  

Before installing the product you need to check out the minimum system configuration needed for installing AOL desktop Gold. Make sure that your computer has that minimum system configuration. 

System Requirements: AOL Desktop Gold:
OS – Windows 7 or higher, macOS
2. 1 GB RAM
3. Proper Internet connection
4. Have at least 512 MB storage space
5. The processor must be faster than 266GHz
6. The display resolution should be 1024 x 768 or higher

Make sure that you have a system that meets these requirements. Only then you’ll be able to install the AOL Desktop Gold on your system. 

Installing AOL Desktop Gold is quite easy but first, you have to download it from their website.  

Install AOL Desktop Gold: 
Here are the steps to download and install the AOL desktop Gold on your computer. 
1. If you are already a member of AOL paid subscription, you can sign in with your account and open My Benefits page. 
2. You’ll see the AOL Desktop Listed under ‘All Products’, scroll down below to find it.
3. Then click on the Download Now button to download the AOL desktop          Gold. 

After you’ve downloaded the application from the internet, you need to install it by following these steps. You always have the option of calling the AOL customer service team whenever you are in trouble.  

Let’s dive in. 
The installation process 

1. You should locate the downloaded file on your windows browser and double click on the file.
2. Then you’ll have to allow the installer to install the product, click on Yes.
3. Now, the installation wizard will open up and you can see the terms and conditions.
4. There you need to accept the terms and conditions and then click on the Next button.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions on the AOL Desktop Gold installation wizard and you’ll be good to go.

If you are using a MAC, you can install the AOL desktop Gold the same way, you just have to download a different file for the MAC. So, when you are in the MY benefits page of your AOL account, find the appropriate file to download for the MAC and then follow the similar steps to install in on your system.  

If you are finding it difficult to follow all these steps, call AOL support phone number and they’ll guide you through the process with each step.